Hey, what’s up?

I already have made a post about the tool I am on the point of describing here but I thought it was useful for you and for me ;)

The problem

As developpers, we very often use Google to look for help on some code issues we have. The probleme is that a lot of us use dark themes on our IDEs or Text Editors. For example :

Figure 1. Sublime text with predawn theme

When you have to switch twice per minutes between this comfortable dark window and this cold white page :

official google homepage
Figure 2. Google home page

This can become very hypnotic and result in an awfull headache.

My solution

DARKGOOGLE, and it already is on the chrome web store

This chrome extension instantly apllies a dark theme on the pages of the domains google.com, google.fr, google.es, …​

Here is what google will look like once the extension is installed.

Figure 3. Google Home page
Figure 4. Google result page

After that ?

The code available on github : HERE.

I would like people contributing on this project so I want to share what I thought about it :

  • make it activable or not with a button in the search bar (on the page or directly on chrome)

  • make it possible to have multiple themes to be selected in an option page.

  • make it possible to change the colors and make your own theme and share it.

I am not used to chrome extensions yet but I think some of you people are or could be interested in contributing on that project. (am I the only one that have sensible eyes ?)

SO, if some of you could have time to pull request or contribute, I would be happy ! You can comment and write me your thoughts about that just below too.

See you next hack ;-)