Today, I just came back here to tell you that

I created a codepen account.

Codepen is a great website that can allow you to test out bugs, collaborate, and find new inspiration. You can create “pens” on it, those are sets of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can then display them on your profile, take feedback, and continue to edit those pens at any time.

Like many live code playgrounds, CodePen lets you learn in an open-source environment, displaying a live preview of the code changes, and letting you embed your CodePen demos on any web page.

For me, this is a tool I will use for discovering some web-designers work, share some of the things I’ll do or use it for embedding and share some scripts, css and html…​

My first pen is a test where I rewrited Z-GRID using SCSS and made the html code thanks to jade, two languages I don’t already know well but am interested in:

See the Pen z-grid by Benjamin CARADEUC (@benavern) on CodePen.

Tell me what you think about codepen or about this article :)