Today, I come back here to share a new project I have made these last days:


This is a extremly lightweight CSS grid system allowing you to quickly start a project by integrating a css responsive grid.

It is composed of a RESET part of CSS so you should place it before your own css stylesheet and the grid system.

You will be able to create a grid by specifying how many columns you want. This grid will be displayed normally on a computer screen and each box will be on a line on a mobile screen. It is possible to force the grid to display as you write it on mile screens.

Figure 1. Screenshot


Grid with 2 boxes
<div class="z-grid">
   <div class="z-2">

      <div class="z-box">

      <div class="z-box">


(if you use emmet, you will be able to type this code very fast!)

Here, there will be a grid with 2 boxes per lines.

  • On computer screen (>768px) : both are on one line.

  • On smartphone screen (< 768px) : each box is on a different line.

More information

Everything is explained HERE

This project is intended to evolve, but it is fully functionnal today.

Share, fork, pull request it if you like my work :)